From East to West

Mordechai and I are in New York for another couple weeks, then we're heading West! As some of you know, we intended to head West this past Spring, but much has held us in the North East over the summer. It has been a very rich and challenging season. Most notably, one of my dearest friends, John Cronin, passed from a year and a half long journey with cancer. His grace and joyful exuberance in living shone through in his process of dying.  John's incredible faith stirred a lot within me, disturbing me enough to wake up and step more fully into life. Mordechai and I are leaping towards fulfilling wishes, sussing out the true callings and seeing how callings (could possibly!) fit into everyday living.

So, we're heading to Washington for the winter! A mild winter, sweet musical friends and an absolutely different environment will nourish the soul. Our sweet Johnny is missed. And -- he shines on in our acts of joyful freedom, appreciation and kindness! We're taking the moment that is offered to us before kids and hearth to sing and play and go where led. We've no true pre-conceptions of where we'll be led, or how long we will "be away." 

We've put together a little tour to get us out there, details are below! A few more dates have been added, and if you can find more on the "shows" tab -- and by joining our mailing list here

In other news, thank you to the first 6 contributors to our Indiegogo campaign! If you would like to pre-order our second album, you can do so by making a $25 contribution here!! If you are inspired to help us, but cannot contribute at this time, a "share" helps us greatly! 

Blessings in Music and Beauty!