The Other Side Album Release Party is ON!

Join me and Louis Ledford and Kristin Allen Zito for a good time on July 26th, 2019 at The Firefly Lounge in Bellingham, WA from 6:30 till about 8:30 … then who knows what we’ll do, but the part is sure to keep on keeping on!


Turn on the Tube, the YouTube!

So The Reverie Machine is finally hip with the times -- surrendering to being technologically inclined, and frankly, its fun! We recommend you subscribe to our channel -- and we'll do our best to provide some quality content! Click here to get to our channel! 

Here is our Tiny Desk Concert Contest submission (take two)! 

We had SO much fun whipping this thing together with Will Glazier of Fun Key Productions ! We pulled this off in couple takes in a few hours the day submissions were due! Imagine what we can do without an impending deadline! We're excited to find out -- and make more videos! 

With Big Reverie Machine Love! 

We've landed!

Pictures from the trip! Click on the arrows to see more photos! All photos by Meghan Yates. 

Reflections ...

The past two weeks we trekked across the great American landscape, from Maine to Washington. We played a strong handful of shows -- starting with my dear friend Zeile August Dougher's album release party at One Longfellow Square in Portland, ME. Her work is confessional, mystic, moving. She dedicated the evening to our friend John Cronin, who passed from cancer this August. John has been my friend for nearly 14 years -- we would meet for coffee and talk for hours and hours, pushing each other to new edges of healing our humanness and inviting Grace into our hearts. Watching him transform was beautiful, and incredibly hard. It pushed me into my life. Zeile's gesture to dedicate the night to him pushed the boundaries of many's hearts. Grateful. It was over-all a very beautiful and intimate evening. Little glamour, no big bands, no special effects, just two women on the stage. Art heals and music moves. Many of us in the room, especially John's partner Tim, were moved beyond measure by coming together and participating in the ritual of music. 

From Portland we traveled to the Utica, NY area to play a house show at my sister-in-law's home. It was her birthday weekend, and it was such a joy to bring music to her! This is where we met up with Hana Zara, an incredible woman of substance and poetry! Check out her music here! Travelling with her brought so many gifts. Friendship being a most important one. Her music touches on something so classic and also within present context. You're brought into memory that may or may not be yours and somehow when you're done experiencing each song, you feel a little larger. She is gently transcendent. We traveled together from Utica to Cincinnati,OH, from there to Iowa City, IA, from there to Lincoln, Nebraska. We got to see some wonderful musicians in each of these locations along the way! (Sam James & Brendan Blumer, who are both dear friends of mine who I have not seen in a long time, Paul Doffing, Flash in the Pan) From Nebraska Mo and I embarked on the final leg of our adventure alone, landing in Spearfish, South Dakota. We shared the stage with Dylan James, who is a wonderful guitarist and songwriter. That night I received a note from a gorgeous young woman that read: "You sing a beautiful song. You make me feel beautiful." Holy wow! It was piercing to receive such a potent note. It re-affirmed for me that we are on the right path. We're really doing our work. 

After Spearfish, we had three days of driving to get to the Bellingham area. It was strange and beautiful! We went through so many different landscapes and weather patterns in such a short period! And the mountains! Are you kidding me? Everything here is so much Bigger! There's so much space to let the wings unfurl as you take it all in! We've been met with such kindness! My dear sister Lori and her husband Shane have let us build a little nest in their camper! It's a dream! We could not be more grateful! 

We have no idea where we will be lead -- and that's so faith building! In this moment, this is so good! We're taking up more space and making more joyful noise than we allowed ourselves to before. May this beauty continue! We hope you enjoy flipping through the photos from the trip! We'll be booking gigs and getting to work asap here, so stay tuned! We're still running our Indiegogo for another 18 days! If you want to get yer mitts on our album before anyone else does, this is the way to do it! Check it out here

Thank you all! 


The Reverie Machine! 

From East to West

Mordechai and I are in New York for another couple weeks, then we're heading West! As some of you know, we intended to head West this past Spring, but much has held us in the North East over the summer. It has been a very rich and challenging season. Most notably, one of my dearest friends, John Cronin, passed from a year and a half long journey with cancer. His grace and joyful exuberance in living shone through in his process of dying.  John's incredible faith stirred a lot within me, disturbing me enough to wake up and step more fully into life. Mordechai and I are leaping towards fulfilling wishes, sussing out the true callings and seeing how callings (could possibly!) fit into everyday living.

So, we're heading to Washington for the winter! A mild winter, sweet musical friends and an absolutely different environment will nourish the soul. Our sweet Johnny is missed. And -- he shines on in our acts of joyful freedom, appreciation and kindness! We're taking the moment that is offered to us before kids and hearth to sing and play and go where led. We've no true pre-conceptions of where we'll be led, or how long we will "be away." 

We've put together a little tour to get us out there, details are below! A few more dates have been added, and if you can find more on the "shows" tab -- and by joining our mailing list here

In other news, thank you to the first 6 contributors to our Indiegogo campaign! If you would like to pre-order our second album, you can do so by making a $25 contribution here!! If you are inspired to help us, but cannot contribute at this time, a "share" helps us greatly! 

Blessings in Music and Beauty! 

"Strangers" no longer

We love what we do! Playing music often is accompanied by meeting most incredible people. Last night we played a show in Burlington -- and though we were tired, we showed up fully. Most beautifully, we were received fully. This drawing came from a woman who was in the audience. She sought to capture the essence of our music ... whirling and aquatic. She sneezed a few times during the song "strangers," of which there was a perfect place in the lyrics to make a gentle joke and bless her. Hence the title of the piece, Roughness of the Sneeze. It's notable when the veil of "performer" and "audience" is broken, and its wonderful to have such sweet exchanges when it is. 

Thank you to all who support our craft and appreciate the work we do!